Family Owned
EKL Fashion Mission EKL Fashion strives to become a competitor in the fashion industry with high quality products in today’s market.
Gabriel & Sofia Avila
Owners of EKL Fashion Gabriel & Sofia purchased EKL Fashion in 2004 after moving from Colombia where they were lawyers and having over 25 years of experience as business owners. They decided to purchase EKL as a result of wanting to become a part of the American free enterprise market. As entrepreneurs, it has been their ambition to facilitate other business owners reach their desired potential.
Lia Paola Avila
I started working with EKL in 2004. From threading a needle in a machine to the sold product, I have worked in all areas of the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing stages. I’m currently enrolled in school finishing my degree in Fashion Marketing and Human Resources/Management. As the designer of EKL, I enjoy working with new clients and helping make their projects a reality.